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Spelman Woman To Watch -- Kwajelyn Jackson
Spelman Woman To Watch -- Kwajelyn Jackson
Spelman Woman To Watch -- Kwajelyn Jackson


Winners focus on winning. Losers focus on winners. This embodies all that I am about.

TENEE Is The Queen Bee: "I am President of The Hawkins Group, a boutique agency providing strategic communications counsel to nonprofits and corporations. On any given day, I may be cultivating business and/or media relationships, developing and/or executing communications strategy, or meeting with account teams. Our diverse client roster means that no two days are the same in my world. Since more than half of my clients are non-profits, I get to help people and raise awareness of important issues while I make a living."

Miss Me With The Playa Hatin': “One of my favorite memes right now is from the recent Olympic games. Michael Phelps is swimming, and has a small lead. He's pointed toward the finish line, with all of his energy focused ahead of him. Chad LeClos, who is in second place, is looking at Michael Phelps, completely obsessed with beating him. Beneath the photo is a quote: ‘Winners focus on winning. Losers focus on winners.’ This embodies what I am all about. I don't spend a lot of time concerned about what everyone else is doing. I focus on being excellent in my lane, winning my own race, and looking forward toward the win. I know that God has a unique purpose for me, and he has uniquely equipped me and only me to fulfill that purpose.”

Happy, Happy. Joy, Joy.: "I love travel and fashion. I was a luxury travel blogger an a stylist in my former life. I have to constantly increase my hustle to support these expensive hobbies.

That #SpelmanBlackGirlBrilliance Is On Display: “One of my greatest accomplishments was successfully transitioning from an in-house communications executive to running my own boutique agency. Now I am able to duplicate the achievements I had in-house at one institution for numerous organizations. While I am still learning and growing, I remain committed to modeling faith and excellence for my children and others. I employ other talented communications practitioners, marketers, and artists. I mentor other aspiring entrepreneurs to follow their dreams. There's so much more for me to do and I cannot begin to say how proud I am of the work I’ve done thus far.”

How TENEE Views The Board To Help Others: “My focus now? Share my story. I was a non-traditional student at Spelman. I made mistakes and, like so many others, early on did not have a clear career vision. I am a mother, community servant, and first generation entrepreneur. I encounter numerous women dealing with issues and situations similar to what I am currently navigating or have previously encountered. I’ve learned that my experiences and my passion inspires. They serve as motivation. So through mentoring young women at Spelman and around Atlanta, I want to share my story so that they, too, can flourish.”

It's The Apocalypse And My Reading Choices Are Limited?: “From the list, I would select Very Smart Brothas. It's the perfect buffet of laughter, news, perspectives, and Black culture.” Bottomless Brunch or Happy Hour Tapas?: It's Bottomless Brunch for Tenee. “I am a pro at shutting down brunches all over the country. Mainly in Atlanta, Los Angeles, and DC. Food, mimosas, and great conversation are all I need to turn a one hour meal into four hours of good times. My dining party has been asked (politely) to allow restaurant staff to close and prepare for dinner hours.”

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