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2018 homecoming

...until game time! See you on the yard!

2019 reunion

...until we celebrate thirty years!




  • C Rudolph's 'Idea Jar' and feedback/comment functionality

  • Tailgating information for Homecoming 2018 (link from letter, info from page?)

  • link to Spelman's Alumnae page for college reunion events (link from letter, info from L Hart Patton)

  • How to contribute to the class gift (has this been created?)

  • List of Class reunion activities and dues/fees link (cheryl: noodle how to accomplish)

  • Class letter (is there a Morehouse version? Need in PDF format)

  • Photos from 25th reunion (put out request to spelhouse? J Crooms? J Crooms photo credit?)

  • A calculator so participants can see what their budget will be for reunion (Official college reunion, class dues/fees, college/class gift, hotel, travel)  (see below for concept. needs to be fine-tuned, prices added..)

  • Link to SpelHouse swag vendor (preferably a class of 89 vendor) (A Keepler? J Davis? A Card? Others? non-c'89?)

  • link to our FB group (cheryl: pull this link, public group name)

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