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Spelman Woman To Watch -- Kwajelyn Jackson
Spelman Woman To Watch -- Kwajelyn Jackson
Spelman Woman To Watch -- Kwajelyn Jackson


Be inspired. Be Fearlessly Authentic.

MARCIA Inspires Others Everyday: Marcia's traditional 9a to 5p role is that of a corporate trainer. Yet her passion is mentoring and empowering teens and women. "I am a domestic violence advocate. As a result, I started my business, Inspired To Victory, LLC, which focuses on providing workshops for teens and women on a variety of empowerment topics. I provide domestic violence advocacy for women in all stages of the domestic violence process; safety plans, protective order support, court appearance assistance and other aspects needed to ease their stress and anxiety as well as navigating through to become a safer, healthier, whole person. I look to make my passion my 9-5 and give up my 'corporate' gig."

"I Am The Playa": "...and I play the game. I call the shots. And realize I can call the plays too! I never hate and I incorporate everyone in my game. I do realize there are haters, but they motivate me so I always invite them to play!"

Recent Display of #SpelmanBlackGirlBrilliance: "After starting Inspired To Victory, I realized it is never to late to re-engineer my life! I learned that my life's journey—with its bumps, bruises, trials & triumphs—should serve as an inspiration to others to live a victorious life.."

Physical And Mental Exercises Are My Guilty Pleasures: "As I mentioned before, I empower women to thrive through their challenges and find peace & happiness in all situations. I teach meditation and an exercise class—PITAIYO (Pilates, TaiChi and Yoga). I see meditating and doing yoga as my guilty pleasures that support my life's mantra to 'Be Fearlessly Authentic'.  Due to the demands of life-stress—and trying to remain in a constant state of peace—I try to stay in a zen-like mindset on a regular basis. As a Christian, I have found a balance between a variety of praying, meditating, using sage, burning incense, and using yoga to find peace and staying connected to God." 

MARCIA'S Next Vulcan Chess Move?: "Completing my Masters in Pastoral Counseling-Crisis and Trauma Response before earning a PhD. I'm late but fashionably. I always wanted to be a doctor,...I just thought it would be a medical one. In the meantime, I am working on writing a book which you can first see on the small stage. Stay tuned! Then my next biggest conquest will be to open an Empowerment Center for teens and women of domestic abuse. This will be a place for them to get counseling, classes, transitional assistance, training, healing, and meditative classes." My News Source In An Apocalypse Is: " She brings the truth with comedy and she is social and politically aware. She also is community and culturally conscious. I, like her, Keep it 100—Straight no Chaser style." Bottomless Brunch or Happy Hour Tapas?: "Bottomless Brunch. Start Early. Stay Late! Anywhere my girls and I can kick back eat, drink, laugh, sometimes cry and catch up is the place! My girls and I need each other to support and encourage one another. Eating is a great way to connect and an occasional cocktail doesn't hurt."

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