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Keva wright berry, C'79




I work smart. I work hard. I expect others to do the same. Others are encouraged to step away from my door if they're negative. 

KEVA, The Numbers Queen: Alumna Keva Wright Berry is the financial manager for the College of Arts, Humanities, and Social Sciences at the University of Southern Maine in Portland, Maine. "I've been in this position since 2004 overseeing the budget of the dean's office and the college as a whole. This position speaks to my love of numbers. I enjoy order and working with numbers is satisfying, even in trying times." Keva majored in Music at Spelman so we get her love for numbers. 

So, Does KEVA Have Side Hustle or Guilty Pleasure?: "I do not really have a 'side-hustle'. I take pleasure in working alongside my husband supporting his non-profit venture, the National Association of African-American Studies." The two main goals of NAAAS are to serve as a resource for scholars in the field who desire information and to offer support for research related to the African and African American, Hispanic, Latino(a) and Chicano(a), Native American and Asian experiences. Visit for Information on how to attend the July 31, 2017 to August 3, 2017 International Conference & Tour in Durban, South Africa. The call for papers deadline has been extended. Click here for details. "Now my guilty pleasure is puzzles. Crosswords, jigsaws, word games, board games, hard copy or online."

In An Apocaplyse, I'm Reading...: "I'd choose Jet Magazine by default." [Editor's note: This alumna had never heard of or prior to this feature.] "I did scan the sites and think awesomelyluvvie would suit my needs. I still like reading newspapers and magazines when I have a chance." My Go To On The Weekend?: "I'd much rather go to a 'bottomless brunch' especially if I can have some of my Spelman Sisters with me. Most of my friends are Spelmanites.  Going to brunch gives you time to kick back and talk and share without all of the drama associated with 'happy hour'."

Playa Hatin'? That's A Thing?: "In general, I do not play games. I do not have that kind of time to waste at this point in my life. I work smart. I work hard. I expect others to do the same. If you are not about being positive, step away from my door." Please and thank you. 

Recent Display of #SpelmanBlackGirlBrilliance: "Spelman IS my passion. I have worked tirelessly for her since graduating: first as an employee and then through my work with the National Alumnae Association of Spelman College (NAASC). I have volunteered and held positions within NAASC for over 30 years. Presently I am the President-Elect—a goal I never had and am proud to be serving as such. My other great accomplishment is my daughter, Kyla (C' 2009). She is my ultimate joy. That she is my Spelman Sister and we reunion together, makes my heart burst with pride! Kyla is a well-rounded, capable young woman who is doing great things."

What Is On Tap For KEVA's Next Conquest?: First in Keva's line of sight is her position as NAASC President-Elect. "As with most years, our platform focus is on growing the size of our membership. I'll work with the NAASC President and support all efforts to increase the number of Spelman alumnae who are members. We 'need to elevate'. An increase in membership means that we’ll have power in numbers which is what I, NAASC, and the College want to see. Now while I still have a lot of energy and 'oomph' left in me, I am thinking about the next phase of life: retirement. Retiring from the everyday grind will give me options I've never had before: more traveling, more volunteerism, more time for me!"

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