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Spelman Woman To Watch -- Kwajelyn Jackson
Spelman Woman To Watch -- Kwajelyn Jackson


When I start to get in my feelings about other people racing ahead of me in the so-called 'game', I remind myself that 'what's for me won't pass me'.

KYLA, Thinkin' Of A Master Plan: "For the past 3 and a half years, I did communications, social media and marketing at Cave Canem Foundation. Cave Canem is a literary nonprofit that serves the artistic and professional growth of Black poets. I’m grateful to all the wonderful people who have been my mentors and friends. Soon I will leave this role to write full-time, which includes finishing my memoir. I will also freelance for various publications such as The Guardian and the Poetry Foundation.

Kyla spent a lot of time trying to figure out what she wanted her 9-to-5 to be. Arts administration? Magazine writer? Educator? Marketing professional? "The only thing I’ve ever wanted to be is a writer, more specifically, creative writer, an author. So I’ve decided to put my full energy into that." Visit to read more.

No Guilt. Just Pleasure.: "Writing was always my side-hustle, but now it's about to be my main-hustle (is that a word?). I’ve been writing about sports lately, including for SET Magazine, whose Editor-in-Chief is Spelman alumna Serena Simpson; but mostly, I like to write about Black arts and culture, particularly music, more particular than that, jazz. Now, to the side of that side-hustle is the writing I do for other people: ghostwriting, copyediting, and the occasional artist bio. I worked with another Spelman alumna, Jacqueline Jenkins, as the copyeditor for her fashion textbook that I hear will be published next year. So my side- and main-hustles (I’ve decided that’s a word…) leads me to what is my favorite thing to do, which is pure hobby: Crafting. I like to sew and crochet. And cook. I like to cook!"

Play Hatin'? Miss Me With That: "When I start to get in my feelings about other people racing ahead of me in the so-called "game," I remind myself that "what's for me won't pass me." The Apocalypse Has Happened. KYLA's Go To News Source?: "Very Smart Brothas! I love that every line in every piece is infused with humor. I'm still not over them calling Rev. Run a "transubstantiated Facebook meme" [crylaughemoji]" Bottomless Brunch or Happy Hour Tapas?: "Happy Hour Tapas. I'm all brunched out :)" The Next Vulcan Chess Move For KYLA: "Finishing my book! Tentatively called A Seed Is a Star Is a Seed, my memoir is a coming-of-age memoir about the process of connecting with the distant reaches of my family: cousins met by chance and through genealogical research; the half-siblings I grew up without; and my ancestors, dating many generations back. It’s a look at the meaning of family through the people I’m related to, yet don’t know intimately. I’m still in the thick of writing (and research), but hope to complete a polished chunk of it this year." Visit to sign up for Kyla's mailing list to stay in the know. 

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