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Spelman Woman To Watch -- Kwajelyn Jackson


I will take notice if I see an unfair situation but I don't dwell on that because it would be counterproductive. I have done well for myself. I am grateful.

TARA From 9a to 5p. Well More 24/7.: "My profession has never been described as a '9 to 5'. I'm an obstetrician-gynecologist. I have experienced private practice, the management of the business end while also caring for the intensely personal and life altering moments of my patients' lives both in the city of Baltimore as well in Howard County, Maryland.

Currently my position is Consultant Obstetrician Gynecologist at a hospital in the United Arab Emirates. I have been involved in establishing a department at a new hospital and I am enjoying the experience of working with an international community of professionals and patients. I am also gratified that I provide some familiarity for Western patients. Hearing that there is an American OB/GYN in town has created some excitement!"

It's All Pleasure Here: "I live in a hotel apartment, here in UAE. It's like living in a garden and there's a gym and pools just steps away. I could get accustomed to daily housekeeping including towels and linens. I like my oasis in the desert. And, there's also the Hilton points which help my travel habit. I've taken advantage of Hilton properties in Dubai, Vienna and Seychelles."

The Apocalype Happened And I'm Reading: "I think accessing news from one source is a problem for many people so I wouldn't want to even imagine. [Editor's note: Spelman alumnae are given the option to choose one news outlet in an apocalypse. The options given are,,, and Jet Magazine.] An article from Breitbart was once shared explaining why girls should not enter the sciences so now I know where people who rely on that are coming from. I am a fan of the witty observations of Awesomely Luvvie and VerySmartBrothers." 

Recent Display of #SpelmanBlackGirlBrilliance: "I was assigned to a hospital in Al Ain which is an hour and a half drive from both cities of Dubai and Abu Dhabi. There is a higher proportion of Arabic speakers here so I found myself a teacher. I am able to read the language and my OB/GYN Arabic is pretty good! My colleagues and the patients have been pleased and encouraging of my efforts." Next On Tap For The Good Doctor: "I recently had friends come to vist from home. I had the idea of taking a road trip to Muscat, Oman and back across the border to Dubai. The scenery was stunning and I will definitely make a return. The border crossings were a bit of an adventure but I can say that I made it! I have thought there must be a novel in me so that's a future target." 

I'm Going With "Bottomless" But...: "Brunch takes on new meaning on Fridays in Dubai. It's more of a day party complete with the wristband, velvet ropes and the staff sporting suits and earpieces. You're greeted at the door with a glass of champagne that will be kept filled. There are multiple stations featuring international cuisines and assorted alcoholic beverages. The DJ has everyone dancing. There's even an afterparty for more mingling and being seen. It's an event."

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