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I know how to be fluid both on and off the field. This is a tribute to my minimalist ways. 

An Educator Who Empowers: After working 30 years in higher education, with nearly 20 of them spent in the college classroom, Dr. Terri is now an educator and empowerment writer turned entrepreneur. Her company is MINDSET. As an administrator, she worked in admissions, career services, and special programs. As a faculty member, Dr. Terri taught various communication and compositions courses. Her areas of emphasis were on gender, student athletes, and citizenship. 

I'm A Hustla Baby. I Just Want You To Know: Dr. Terri's coaching business was her side-hustle for years. "I started out helping people in my community change the fabric of their lives by assisting them with their academic goals." Today, she continues to influence change nationwide by providing clients with education planning, writing guidance, and life mapping services. Guilty Pleasures?: "Long distance driving. Whenever possible I like to pack up my office, take it with me on the road, and visit loved ones in other parts of the country." 

Dr. TERRI  Runnin' The Game: "Because I'm a minimalist in many ways, I've never been real big on material excess and meaningless experiences. Yet, my career has placed me in some really pinky-up places as well as places deep in the hood. For this reason, I've learned to play the game without hatin' the playas by knowing how to be fluid on and off the field."

In An Apocalypse Dr. TERRI's News Feed Is All About: “Jet Magazine. Well,...if it were still in print. Because what is life without a tangible hard print copy of Jet being found somewhere in the Black community? Electronically I choose Luvvie covers such a breadth of topics with such hilarity! The ‘on-point-ness’ of her observations and overall visual aesthetics of the site speak to me.” On the weekend you might find Dr. Terri scrolling through Luvvie while sipping on spiked orange juice at a bottomless brunch with endless mimosas being served some place by the shore.

Next Up For Dr. TERRI In A Dispaly Of #SpelmanBlackGirlBrilliance:  "The issue of women's sensual health and wellness is near and dear to me. Four years ago I started an online women's center,, as a safe space for "women of a certain age" to share, learn, and shop. It has been personally and professionally liberating for me to create such a space. And now my latest conquest is tackling romantic relationship issues via edutainment in radio, television, and film projects. I am a regular monthly radio co-host on the Hakeem Pierre Show, which focuses on intelligent relationship commitments. And as the Executive Assistant to the CEO of Legacyboy Entertainment, Darik Bernard, I assist on- and off-set with an awesome dramedy film project called Boys & Girls: The Series. These latest adventures have given me a much different life and a much welcomed change from my career in academia. Yet, I am absolutely still doing what I love and still staying fluid."

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