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I’m in Crisis Management and I  Love It! 

The Doctor Is In: By training, Kimberly is a Pediatric Neuropsychologist and Clinical Psychologist who offers much more than traditional evaluations and psychotherapy. “I’ve earned the reputation of providing assessment and clinical intervention for kids that are the most difficult to diagnose and treat. On any given day I’m working with a NY family that requires the utmost in discretion, before providing expert testimony for a high profile hearing, followed by a patient emergency at Belleview, then to a meeting with a headmaster before conducting an evening lecture.” THIS #SpelmanBlackGirlBrilliance: Kimberly is the first, and to date ONLY, African American Neuropsychology Postdocoral Fellow to have been accepted by and graduated from the New York University School of Medicine. *Mic. DROP.*

KIMBERLY Runs The Game: "As a solo practitioner and one of the few African American neuropsychologists in New York, my business thrives on referrals." Kimberly's style is a master class that presents the right balance of being socially chatty while maintaining professionalism. Deftly avoiding questions of a personal nature (think: where do you live, what do you drive, who do you know, where do you vacation) allows Kimberly to avoid misperceptions when meeting and conversing with colleagues. "I think it’s a good rule of business that no matter how successful one is, you don’t ever want to give the impression that you have more than they do and are flaunting, or that you don’t need their referrals." Visit to learn more about Kim's practice and services. 

Next Up For KIMBERLY? Conquering Video: What began as a guilty pleasure for Kimberly (“I love my selfie stick!”), has morphed into considerable enthusiam for photography, videography, and editing. Several times a week the good doctor will set aside time to research these arts on YouTube for the purpose of perfecting her newfound craft. Kimberly has found applications in both her peronal and professional lives for applying a focused lens. While not yet a full on side hustle, Kimberly expects to transform this passion into a video channel: Ask Dr. Kim. This video channel will combine her burgeoning interest while she continues to aid those who are most vulnerable.

In An Apocalypse, KIMBERLY’s News Feed Is All About: Jet Magazine, a timeless classic from her childhood, was the first magazine Kimberly had seen that consistently featured a brown person on the cover plus featured politics, business, and pop culture. She remembers her grandmother collecting them. "One summer, I was reading six or seven of those tiny magazines a day. I love that its now digital!" KIMBERLY’s Go To For Maxin’ & Relaxin’: “I live for bottomless brunch! There’s nothing better than letting go of the weekday grind with my best girlfriends, chicken & waffles and keep em’ comin’ mimosas. We laugh, share stories, and keep it light in order to support one another for the week ahead!”

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