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I’ve come to the realization that I am a ‘queen maker’. I  support, encourage, and promote the work of others.

Queen Of The Word: Kim is a scholar of religion. "I get paid to teach and write at the intersection of biblical studies, social theory, and feminist/womanist interpretive methods. My research focus is daughters in the Old Testament/Hebrew Bible which provides wonderful opportunities for me to marry my very modern interest in the empowerment of women and girls. Sophia Packard and Harriet Giles would be proud!" 

No Playa Hatin'. Ensuring A Seat At Tha Game Table: "I have come to the realization that I am a 'queen maker'. I 'play the game' by doing the things that earn me a seat at the table. My MBA, years of corporate experience, and administrative acumen uniquely position me to add value at tables of decision. Often it is my title, academic achievements or professional accomplishments that gain me a seat. Once there, I try to learn as much as I can. Importantly, I am intentional about doing what I can to provide others that look like me access and opportunity. I do not 'hate the playa' by promoting the success of others."

KIM's Apocalypse News Feed Is Locked In On: “I have decided Luvvie is my long-lost cousin who lives in my city but has not been to any family reunions. Our world views are very similar and neither of us take ourselves too seriously. is my one news source because I trust my 'cousin' to present relevant information in cogent and concise commentary that both entertains and informs." [ Editor's note: We wonder if Luvvie will bring the Jollof rice or tinfoil to the next family reunion? We know that she's judging us. ;o) ]

KIM's Guilty Pleasure: "As the CEO of The Russaw Agency, Inc. (TRA), I am the lead learning facilitator. Here, I get to marry my years of corporate Marketing experience to my gift for teaching, along with my passion for the Church and the academy. When not in the classroom, doing TRA work, or giggling with family and friends, I am live tweeting my favorite television shows. Find me at @kdrussaw!" 

KIM's Master Plan For Her Next Display Of #SpelmanBlackGirlBrilliance?: "I am juggling a few projects right now. First, my journal article, "Veils and Lap Cloths: The Great Cover Up of Bynum, Burrell, and the Bible in Black Churches" is due to the editor in a couple of months so I'm headed off to a writing retreat later this month. (To appear in Black Theology: An International Journal published by Taylor & Francis Online.) Next, TRA signed a contract to do some very interesting work around millennials in the church. This work will keep me and my team busy in the midwest for the next couple of months. Plus I serve as the co-chair for the Women in the Biblical World section of the Society of Biblical Literature and we are reviewing paper proposals for this year's conference. (Boston? I'm headed your way in November!) Finally, 2017 is a milestone reunion year for me so I will be headed back to 350 Spelman Lane in May to reconnect with my peeps!" 

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