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Many years ago, God gave me a vision to bring women together to retreat, reflect, and renew on His word. This vision became Virtuous Pearl.

The Doctor Is In: "I am an Assistant Professor and Chair of the Education Department at Spelman College, where I instill passion and purpose in my students, who are future educators. I believe that educators must instruct from the heart with passion and purpose to help all students reach their highest academic and personal potential. In support of Spelman's Going Global Initiative, I organized the College’s first faculty-led trip to Havana, Cuba in December 2015 (see below, right) with 19 students to examine the historical, cultural, economic, and political understandings of schooling and education from a global perspective."

Dr. ANDREA Is Making Vulcan Chess Moves: “I am currently enrolled in the Certificate of Theology and Ministry Program at Princeton Theological Seminary. It is an eye-opening experience and I look forward to the next phase of my personal journey.” My Source For News In An Apocalypse?: " It is edgy, academic, and unapologetically Black.” Bottomless Brunch or Happy Hour Tapas?: "I prefer a Bottomless Brunch in the Summer sitting on a patio overlooking the city. The drinks are free-flowing, the conversation is relaxed, the food alternates between two meals, the attire is chic, the view is amazing, and the vibe is sassy."

Spelman Woman To Watch -- Dr. Andrea Lewis' Virtuous Pearl

Dr. ANDREA Is Thinkin' Of A Master Plan: "Many years ago, God gave me a vision of a women's retreat to bring together women from various backgrounds to retreat, reflect, and renew on His word. The result of this vision is the recent launch of Virtuous Pearl, an annual interdenominational women's retreat. Designed to bring together women of Christian faith for engaging fellowship and a word from God, the inaugural retreat will be held August 25-26, 2017 at Lake Lanier Islands Legacy Lodge and Conference Center outside of Atlanta.” For more information about the retreat visit or send an email to

Got No Time For Fake Ones: "As Spelman women, we are taught to create a plan, make it happen, do it BIG (bold, impactful and with grandeur), and help others. I started off on one journey, but personal and life experiences caused me to change paths. Instead of being depressed about my losses, I got some lemons, added other fruit and spirits, and then made a new recipe. The most important lesson I can pass down to my younger sisters is to have a Plan B, work it, and do it BIG if needed. Life throws some curve balls, but it is up to us to be prepared, resilient and determined to shine through the storm."

Continuous Displays Of #SpelmanBlackGirlBrilliance: “I am the author of two books, one academic and the other a children's book: Preservice Teachers, Social Class, and Race in Urban Schools: Experiences and Strategies for Teacher Preparation and Valerie’s New Friends. Additionally, one of my proudest achievements was working with my colleagues to restore the national accreditation, department status, and campus recognition of the Spelman College Education Department. As both a graduate and chair of the department, it is an honor to see our diligence and long hours manifest into increased student enrollment, 100% pass rates of our students on state and national assessments, two majors, a minor, eight teacher certification programs, and local and national partnerships!"

Sisters Chapel of Spelman College

Spelman Going Global! is designed to enhance student learning in all study-travel experiences

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