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dr. Anjanette Hogan, C'95

Nothing compares to the joy I get from helping save lives on my own terms.

ANJANETTE, Describe Your 9-to-5. Or As My Nana Would Would Ask: “How do you put food on the table, baby?: "My 9-to-5 consists of providing excellent health care to children. As a pediatrician, I am blessed with the ability to have a positive and lasting impact on the lives of young people in my community. By owning my own practice, I am able to take the appropriate time and care with each child that I see." 

How Does ANJANETTE 'Play The Game' And Not 'Hate The Playa'?: "Upon completion of my pediatric residency, I took a job as a physician at a large health clinic in underserved community. I took this job believing that it was dedicated to helping those less fortunate than myself. Quickly, I learned that parts of medicine were largely ;Big Business' to many insurance companies. After a few years, I realized that if I wanted to practice medicine from my heart, I would need to branch out on my own. It was then that I decided to quit being an employee and learn how to 'play the game' and open mild practice. That was 12 years ago, it has been a tough road but I am proud of myself and if not look back! Nothing compares to the joy I get from helping save lives on my own terms."

Is ANJANETTE A Hustla' Or Enjoying A Guilty Pleasure?: "As an entrepreneur my life gets pretty stressful. In order to balance the stress, my 'guilty pleasures' include running marathons and half marathons; along with distance cycling. I enjoyed traveling the country to do these different events. This allows me to combine traveling with my level of health."  

This #SpelmanBlackGirlBrilliance Right Here: “My greatest professional accomplishment since graduating from Spelman would most definitely be opening mild pediatric practice here in California. Not only does this allow me to directly impact the lives of children but as an employer it allows me to help my employees provide financially for their families. It is such a joy to know that as a small business owner I can have an impact on society as a whole. Practicing good health means a lot to me on several levels. As a pediatrician I have seen over the years how childhood obesity is destroying our young people.

Another professional accomplishment that I have had since graduating from Spelman would be the establishment of my nonprofit, Youthful Joy Foundation. The mission of my nonprofit is to 'provide joy to our through health'. We work to provide and offer programs and physical, mental, and sexual health for obese/overweight children ages 4-18. Being able to take a stance against childhood obesity through educating via classes, workshops, and healthy living demonstrations has given me a new sense of purpose!”

ANJANETTE's Next Target Conquest: Take the services of Youthful Joy Foundation national in order to reach areas which are drastically plagued by childhood obesity. It is also my hope to partner with large organizations to get the message of the importance of healthy living out to all younger generations. The children are future, and it is my goal to make their health a priority!” 

It's The Apocalypse. You Have Access to ONE News Source. While Not Perfect...: “I would definitely choose Jet Magazine! I was raised in a time with this magazine was revered. Jet contained excellent stories and reading about the great and is of the African-American community.  I understand we are in the Digital Age ,but I still prefer to thumb through books and magazines for my reading over an online search. I am just old-fashioned that way I guess!” 

Is ANJANETTE's 'Go To' Bottomless Brunch or Happy Hour Tapas?: “Truth be told my 'go to' would be neither.  Without a doubt my joy is getting outside and going for long run in the beautiful California Sunshine. Over the years, I have found that nothing relaxes me while at the same time energizes me than running. The peace that comes over my mind and soul, combined with the strength that my body feels after a long run is like no other.”

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