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I play the game by promoting excellence as the standard, being decisive, and surrounding myself with great people.

Dr. SHARI Will See You Now: Shari Hicks-Graham, M.D. is a practicing clinical board-certified dermatologist, who routinely sees patients via her private practice, Downtown Dermatology

Located in Columbus, Ohio, Shari's practice offers high quality medical, cosmetic, and aesthetic dermatology services for children, teenagers and adults in the Columbus and Upper Arlington areas. She began the practice to provide patients with exceptional diagnostic and treatment services for their dermatologic needs.

To schedule a consultation with Downtown Dermatology, call (614) 224-4566 or visit

I'm A Hustla Baby! I Just Wantcha Ta Know: "I have been consumed with my new product, LivSo - a scalp treatment system designed to solve the issue of dry itchy scalp in people with curly or kinky hair types. LivSo products are available for retail purchase at our website, https://livso.comMy goal is to grow the LivSo brand into a recognized leader in the textured hair category for dry itchy scalp." LivSo products are also available for sale on

Recent Display Of #SpelmanBlackGirlBrilliance: “Earning my medical degree, becoming board-certified in Dermatology and owning and operating my own practice has given me a platform to responsibly and freely take care of patients who present for care. This perspective has given me a close view of problems that are troublesome for people on a day-to-day basis. It is my privilege to have the chance to help people solve these issues.”

How SHARI Views The Board And Wins The Game: "I play the game by promoting excellence as the standard, being decisive, and surrounding myself with good counsel. I try not to hate the process of sales and the challenges related to the hustle."

Just One News Source In An Apocalypse?: “Definitely I have an insatiable appetite for all things positive and forward thinking. I like her site and enjoy reading Luvvie's news stories.” Happy Hour Tapas or Bottomless Brunch?: Tapas! "My two favorite times of day are first thing in the morning when the possibilities of the day are freshest and at the end of the work day, before dark. It's super fun to meet up with folks after a busy day and chill out with small plates and a little cocktail. I can't wait for my next opportunity to be with friends and catch up in this way.”

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