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Spelman Woman To Watch -- Kwajelyn Jackson
Spelman Woman To Watch -- Kwajelyn Jackson
Spelman Woman To Watch -- Kwajelyn Jackson


There is no way that we are able to survive if we try to remain separate and not work together collectively. Simply put: we are better together!

WHITNEY From 9a to 5p...6p...7p...8p...: "As a full-time PhD student, school is my 9-to-5, lol! Thankfully, I have been afforded the opportunity to work for my institution while completing my PhD. Monday through Wednesday, you can find me working for the Office of the President and as a Faculty Assistant. The remainder of my week is spent in class or researching and writing somewhere in the Chicago area."

My Side Hustle When Taking A Break From The PhD Grind?: "My side-hustle is my apparel line, Unbossed and Unbought! Shirley Chisholm has been a shero of mine for quite some time. In 1972, she became the first Black woman to run for President of the United States. From reading her books and watching documentaries about her, I felt as if her campaign slogan best described what we were trying to exemplify: no one can define us or tell us how to act. While the majority of the line is geared towards Spelman paraphernalia, we have other apparel that supports the Black community in a positive manner." 

Who Gon' Run This Town Tonight?: "As the descendant of a long line of strong Black women, it is in my DNA to make space for any sister at the table. With my mother being the youngest of seven sisters and my Spelman experience, my life has been heavily influenced by other women. There is no way that we are able to survive if we try to remain separate and not work together collectively. We are better together!"

You Can Have Only One Source: "There is absolutely no way I can choose between Luvvie and VSB! Both are witty, funny, current, and relatable to my millennial demographic. They each bring a different flair to my life. I simply cannot choose between the two!"

Recent Display of #SpelmanBlackGirlBrilliance: "Outside of starting Unbossed and Unbought, returning to preach for Homecoming 2016 has been my biggest accomplishment since graduating from Spelman. Sisters Chapel and the W.I.S.D.O.M. (Women In Spiritual Discernment Of Ministry) Center were extremely crucial in my growth and development during my time at Spelman. There were many ministries I was an active member of as a student. Never in a million years would I have thought that I would return as a preaching woman!"

WHITNEY's Next Vulcan Chess Move Is: "Expand Unbossed and Unbought to include other HBCUs, particularly those that comprise the Atlanta University Center (AUC). The AUC is a special place and many of us have created memories and fostered relationships that have surpassed some of life’s hardest moments. Expanding the Unbossed and Unbought apparel lines to somehow include those memories is definitely a top-priority goal!" 

"Bottomless" Is The Key: "You can guarantee that I’m always down for a bottomless brunch! Who doesn’t like spending lazy Spring and Summer Saturday mornings, that often turn into afternoons and early evenings, with a great group of friends?! With many of us having various responsibilities to attend to, weekday evenings aren’t always the best for us. However, there’s something about a brunch date that rarely gets cancelled! My favorite bottomless spot is HobNob, located in Atlanta, GA. Great location and bottomless mimosas for only $ can’t beat that!"

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