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I'm most proud that I manage two side-hustles, both which are part of the Stella & Dot brand.

ADRIANE and her Daily: From 9a to 5p Adriane serves an Assistant Vice President with a firm that offers human capital and management consulting services within the healthcare industry. Her day-to-day deals with managing tasks and resources for several client groups which range in size from 500 to 13,000 employees. Adriane deftly applies her expertise strategizing to pinpoint the ideal programs her clients should offer employees; navigating the competitive vendor marketplace;  and/or staying on top of legislative requirements so that her direct client relationships - Human Resource departments, Chief Financial Officers, Benefits teams - maintain the advantage. "I never expected to be 'here', but 28 years later it was an organic transition from my first job as an insurance underwriter." 

I'm A Hustla Baby! I Just Want You To Know. With A Lil' Guilty Pleasure Thrown In...: "Ohhhhhhhhhhh, my side hustle? It's THE guiltiest of guilty pleasures. Why? I not only get to share beautiful jewelry in a fun way with wine and smiles, but I get to rock beautiful jewelry all day. Every day. The side-hustle is also my guilty pleasure because it combines fashion, time with girlfriends. mentorship and extra income. I learned about womantrepreneurship from my mom (owner of an antiques shop) and my grandmother (cake baker and seamstress 'for hire'). This is a steady and powerful message I regulary communicate to my 17 year old daughter: Mom is balancing home life, social experiences and service, while bearing responsiblity for a growing team of womentrepreneurs."

My Biggest Personal Accomplishment: "Raising a 17 year old daughter who is a confident, smart, sweet high school senior. Before finalizing the college application process, she will travel to Ghana and London before graduating high school. I am constantly amazed at her genuine nature and thoughtful perception. She is my young woman crush everyday." (#YWCE.)

In An Apocalypse ADRIANE's News Feed Is All About: “My go-to is VerySmartBrothas. It's exactly that hip and smart. A cross-section of culture and news, VerySmartBrothas speaks from several voices (all of which I seem to head nod in agreement with on the regular). You can miss me with the Breitbart ask (HA!).

ADRIANE's Display Of #SpelmanBlackGirlBrilliance Where She Slays: "On most days I greet everything with a smile and full-bodied, genuine hug. I stay true to what my parents taught me about being with and around others - Give thanks. Connect people across my networks. Treat people you meet along the way with kindness. Now this isn't always easy...especially in this politically charged climate, but it's what I've built my personal and professional brand on." This is why Adriane has numerous wins in the W Column. Last year she was honored with a 'shout-out' at the annual Stella & Dot HOOPLA 2016 sales conference. During the conference Adriane received national recogition as the first Black Star Designer with KEEP Collective, a part of the Stella & Dot family of brands. "KEEP Collective (coincidentally not named after me...but divinely such a reminder of 'why' I'm on this journey) is a jewelry line with over 10,000 designers nationwide. Of this group, I am the first Black woman to reach the leadership level of Star. Most importantly, this achivement allowed me to have a voice in Stella & Dot's diversity council discussions plus be featured in this year's marketing materials nationwide." Get and stay connected with Adriane's display of #SpelmanBlackGirlBrilliance at

Bottomless Brunch or Happy Hour Tapas?: "Look, I'm a Spelman woman. I choose BOTH! I can get down on the spicy ethnic mix of tapas and all the bottomless drinks my heart could desire. I love yummy cocktails and laughter and am a sucker for shared plates with friends and spicy, diverse foods. There....I said it!"

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