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AMY, The Queen Bee Of Telecom: This Spelman woman spends her 9a to 5p as "the Head of Brand and Product Marketing for Digicel, a global telecommunications provider operating in 32 markets across the Caribbean, Central America, and the South Pacific." Amy is responsible for developing Digicel's brand portfolio communication plans and strategies for the company's mobile, entertainment and business product lines. "So with my team, which is based out of St. Lucia. I run the global operating model to facilitate brand executions across our headquarters and regional operating hubs."

#SpelmanBlackGirlBrilliance From The Heart: “For something which is deeply personal, I hope it will morph into one of my greatest professional accomplishments. I recently lost my mother to Alzheimer's (November 2016). She suffered from the disease for six years. In the end, my mother was bedridden and being fed through a tube with no ability to speak. For so long I thought life was unfair as in the end my mother, a gentle powerhouse of a woman, was only seen as another victim of a disease which prevented us from seeing her true light. So in part to fight my bitterness and in part to speak for her, I produced a Docu-Short which told her story through the eyes of her friends and family. It looks back on her life and the struggle loved ones go through as they try to honor the wishes of people who can't speak for themselves.”

Women of color are often seen on the edges of society but we are at the brink of greatness

I'm A Hustla Baby! I Just Wantcha Ta Know: "I am trying to morph my pleasure into a side-hustle. I love film. I want to tell stories about women of color from across the globe. I plan to do so through my incorporated production company—Precipice Entertainment.” She calls it Precipice Entertainment for two reasons. First, she is deathly afraid of heights (ledges), so it is her subliminal way of saying “don’t be scared in life.” Second, she believes it is an appropriate name for our stories because we [women of color] are often seen on the edges of society but we are really at the brink of greatness. “At my core, I am a storyteller. I plan for this [storytelling through film] to be my career after leaving Corporate America." 

Who's Going To Run This Town Tonight?: "For me, it is simple. Align yourself as closely to your passions as possible. When you do, the Universe can't deny you. Prior to joining Digicel, I was at a crossroads in my career and after 11 years of upward mobility at my job, it suddenly stalled. At first I was scared but then I dug deep and found out that at the end of the day my true passion was to develop and shape content. If I was truly honest with myself, I didn't want to limit myself to living in the United States. Lo and behold, once I started to draft that narrative and rebrand "Amy" accordingly, opportunities opened up. The next thing you know I was recruited by a firm based in London to join a global operator in the Caribbean."

Sisters Chapel of Spelman College

How AMY Views The Board: “First, I want to achieve the vision set out for Digicel. I have been in the position just under a year and our potential for success is great. I work with some of the most dedicated people I know and we are a cornucopia of talent from all walks of life. So, if I can lead them in achieving success for Digicel, as well as their personal best, it is a win for us all. Secondly, I want to achieve what all career women want: Work-Life balance!!!!!! Now that I am in the Caribbean my goal is to not squander this opportunity. Experience life, the blue sea, sand, culture and people. It is my mission.” What I'm Reading If The Apocalypse Left Just One News Source?: “ I think she is brilliant and has a way of voicing exactly what you were thinking but breaks it down to the very last compound. On top of that she is hilarious and we share similar points of view. Luvvie takes on a variety of topics so you can't go wrong when you read her blogs. You smile even before you start reading.” Bottomless Brunch or Happy Hour Tapas?: “This is a tough one because depending on the mood...but I would go with Happy Hour Tapas. I am in a new space in my life where health and diet are non-negotiable, so small plates make me feel a little better when I am knocking back the wine!”

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