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Spelman Woman To Watch -- Dr. Rhonda Waller, C'91
Spelman Woman To Watch -- Dr. Rhonda Waller, C'91
Spelman Woman To Watch -- Dr. Rhonda Waller, C'91


I am excited about our plan to expand Greening Youth Foundation to West Africa. 

ANGELOU's Vulcan Chess Moves: Angelou is the CEO and Founder of - Greening Youth Foundation (GYF), an interntional enviornmental NGO (non-governmental organization). "GYF's mission is to work with diverse, underserved, and underrepresented children, youth, and young adults in an effort to develop and nurture enthusiastic and responsible environmental stewards. My days are filled with meetings with partners, potential funders, and GYF program managers. Unlike other non-profits, GYF runs on a pure business model. Each program has a funding source and most of our programming is fee-for-service. As such, my primary role is managing and sustaining relationships.”

I'm A Hustler. I'm A...I'm A Hustler!: There is no game playing for Angelou. What she does is take steps to remain relevant. "I am constantly reading up on issues in my area of expertise. Therefore, I am sure to be closely connected. Frequently I am asked to speak on panels and before groups regarding the intersectionality of race, youth unemployment, and conservation.  At this stage in my career, people pay me to hear my views and opinions on the topic.  Not a bad hustle ;0)" To book Angelou for speaking engagements, send an email to

An International Display Of #SpelmanBlackGirlBrilliance: Angelou is an international Ashoka Fellow. "This is a prestigious honor as it is a lifetime fellowship that acknowledges my ongoing lifework. as a social entrepreneur. While the Ashoka team is very supportive of GYF, they have invested in me. This means that whatever endeavor I institute over the course of my lifetime, Ashoka will support as they believe in my overall Change Agent philosophy." Visit for more on this organization's worldwide impact. Next Up For This Spelman Woman: "I am very excited about our plan to expand Greening Youth Foundation to West Africa.  We are currently operating in Liberia.  Over the next 5 years, we plan to have significant programming in Nigeria and Ghana. We will not be reinventing the wheel for GYF. All countries will bring training and career exposure to youth in the field of natural resource management.”

Bottomless Brunch Versus Happy Hour Tapas? ANGELOU Says: "I know this sounds lame, but I don't really do either. I do get together with my fabulous sisters from all over the diaspora (my tribe is about a crew of 8) for dinner and cocktails quite frequently - and this feeds my soul! And, my husband of 21 years can burn. So, since we are a vegan pescetarian family (got two teenage boys!), it's hard for us to just go to any ole' spot for eats. We do a lot of cooking!”

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