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Good conversation with my closest friends (who are also my Spelman sisters) over a great meal feeds my soul and energizes me.

ERICA, Describe Your 9-to-5. Or As My Nana Would Would Ask: “How do you put food on the table, baby?: "I serve as Associate General Counsel for the Obama Foundation. The Foundation is the platform for President Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama's philanthropic activities and will create programs to engage young leaders from around the world, identify and broadcast innovative approaches to civic engagement, and connect communities by fostering conversations    to bridge difference and creatively solve problems. I work with an amazing team of four attorneys responsible for advising the Foundation on 501(c)(3) compliance, intellectual property law, employment law, and commercial contract negotiation, among numerous other legal issues impacting the Foundation's work. I am privileged to work in support of President and Mrs. Obama's inspiring vision each day." 

This #SpelmanBlackGirlBrilliance Right Here: “Since graduating Spelman I have mentored high school and elementary students in my hometown of Washington, D.C., which has been so rewarding. I love being able to work with students to help them develop specific academic skills and work toward their personal goals. I recently ran into a student I'd mentored over ten years ago and was heartened to learn that she'd finished college and started a rewarding career in the arts.”

ERICA's Next Target Conquest: “2018 will be a year of exciting growth and development at the Foundation. I am excited to continue to work with my colleagues to ensure the successful development of the Obama Presidential Center and implementation of the Foundation's civic engagement programming in the U.S. and around the world. Being a part of this work is an immense honor and I look forward to being a part of the Foundation's growth. ” 

It's The Apocalypse. You Have Access to ONE News Source. While Not Perfect...: “I am an NPR junkie, but if I had to choose one of the four listed it would be because their pieces are hilarious, but also cover important issues thoughtfully.” 

Is ERICA A Hustla' Or Enjoying A Guilty Pleasure?: "My not-so-guilty guilty pleasures are making up silly jokes with my nephews and dancing with my niece. They always make my heart smile.

Is ERICA's 'Go To' Bottomless Brunch or Happy Hour Tapas?: “Happy hour tapas. There are so many great new restaurants opening around DC and my friends and I have essentially made a sport out of trying as many as possible. Good conversation with my closest friends (who are also my Spelman sisters) over a great meal feeds my soul and energizes me.”

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